The spread of Terrorism?

In a report by the AP today, Bush and his administration have accused Syria of allowing terrorist insurgents enter Iraq through Damascus. It seems that the efforts on behalf of the united states have become ineffective at stopping the flow of religious fundimentalists who want to become terrorists.

Here is the problem I have, and a continues to be the problem I have always had, how does one stop a person who is willing to die for his terrorist efforts? Terrorist actions are not state actions. We cannot meet them on the battle feild once and for all to settle who will win. Yet we continue to fight this battle as if it were conventional warfare.

Now there is talk of performing strikes on Syria if they don’t do something about this problem. The Syrian foreign minister however, says that the allegations are false and that they are controling their borders with tight security. What is Syria to do? Do they immediately detain and question young men traveling on a one way ticket to Syria? If so, what have they done wrong in order for that action to be justified?

The only way we can do someting is to get the hell out of Iraq. Its either that or Nuke the place and kill em all. Meanwhile Americans continue to die, half the death toll of 911 has already taken place in Iraq, and that is just the number of millitary personnel killed. That does not include civilians from both America and Iraq. We need to stop spending so much damn money too. Total we have spent over $193 Billion in Iraq. This type of spending is going to cause inflation to boom. The money could be better spent providing for covert intelligence (since this is a covert war) and address other vital concerns like what to do with the huge generation now ready to retire. The proposed spending in Iraq in next years budget is going to be another $47 billion dollars, I bet Mississippi and the big easy could use that cash.

More and more this administration is pursuing his own agenda, and if things continue to go the way they do, we will have no money for government spending, we will be in a very bad spot in the middle-east and if we invade Syria or attack it, that will further exacerbate the problem.

I believe that if we are to save our country from more major losses, we need to demand an exit strategy that puts a date on the end of the war. Please try and make it to DC to show your support for ending this mass expenditure in money, resource and human life. Visit the United for Peace and Justicewebsite and learn all about the big event. - Knockemdown

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