A little post

Well I’m off on a little adventure. Life is no good unless your living it. Im off to see the city again an to be quite frank, I am very excited. I dont know why but theres this cool feeling in that place. Everywhere has a vibe or some kind aspect that makes it distinct. But NY’s vibe is cool. No so good as a poor man though, which is how I will be going. I will be in the apple with a little less than 100 bucks in my pocket. I have to maintain for Four full days. So to make me feel better, I tell myself that this is an inspiration trip. I plan to do a bunch of reading in the park and “dieting” (pizza diet) for a large portion of the trip. I am in luck though, the Howel festival is going to be doing all kinds of stuff and the best part is, its mostly free! Plus, I get to relish the fact that I am in NY during a beautiful spring while my Floridian counterparts spend their weekend with a hurricane. Ahh, life is good. I also get to have a good ol friend with me and thats always nice. So if you happen upon this page and are interested enough to read this far, pleas send me a link to a cheap pub in one of the most expensive places in the world. - Knockemdown

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