Winding up

Well I guess there are some interesting developments in the news today. For one, the drug company Merk and co. Inc. have been found neglegent in a death of a 59 year old man taking Vioxx. The widow of the man was awarded 250 Million. However the drug company is going to appeal the verdict stating that the man died as a result of an irregular heart beat, a side affect not known to be caused by Vioxx. I think that the motion to appeal is a last slimy attempt to wiggle out of justice. The guy was a marathon runner for pete’s sake. He was in better shape than most any 59 year old. Of course the defense has a right to an appeal.

In other news, Mrs. Shehan seems to be stirring up some real exposure of those that are against the war. In fact president Bush is to make speeches this week or next week about the war. In his speeches Im sure she will be mentioned. Im sure he will use the same old retoric and talk about “security”. However there seems to be growing opposition to this war. There are large antiwar demonstrations and rallies for peace all around the country. In Washington, there will be a rather large one on Sept. 24th. Its an outcry that has been a long time comming. I can only hope that we are able to repair what we have done as a country. I mean, if you were an Iraqi, would you think that the US occupation was a good thing? I bet they dont like being invaded, in fact, in an earlier speech by Bush during the Rep. nomination, he states “they (Iraq) dont like being occupied”. So what does that do? In my book, it will develop more hatred toward the U.S. from other states. Rather than keep us safe, this war has endangered the security of this nation. But thats just me, some say that this was the best choice. Hard to believe though. How could you spend a billion a day on a war without capturing who was responsible for 911. How does one justify that? I guess we will find out during the speeches Bush is schedueled to make. Till then-knockemdown

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