Just Writing

Well its been a while since I wrote last and I thought that I should let all my loyal readers know that I am still alive. Today I have a local issue to talk about. It has to do with the new MOSI exhibit “bodies”. This exhibit features real cadavers which have been preserved and display the intricate systems of the human body. The Anatomical board of Florida however, wants proof that the famlies of the bodies displayed have given consent.

I just want to say that these people gave their bodies to science. They have allowed the scientific community to give the go ahead to do what they want with them. I will also do this with my body as I will have no use for it after my death. Nothing could serve the scientific community and the citizens of the USA more than to educate and inspire the general public about science. I am sometimes quick to judge but I see this as a conservative attack on an otherwise wholesome exhibit. If you cant stand the sight of it or you think its sac religious, just dont go. Its not like the exhibition will be displayed in a public place or on TV. In fact worse things have been brought to American living rooms during a prime time show. The exhibit opens on Saturday, go see it - knockemdown

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