I stand Corrected

Two posts ago I wrote about Accutrac in a manner that suggested it was another trump on our civil liberties as citezens. However I want to correct myself by saying that I was wrong. The Accutrac software is only a module that allows businesses to check themselves. It is not a governmental control on business. I would like to thank my good friend for bringing my mistake to light and apologise to all that read the post.

My sense of pride wants to erase the post, but this will not make my mistake go away. It cannot be undone and so neither will the post. It shall stay there as a reminder of my failure to be right. As my only excuse, I would like to say that I did not read the article fully but was trying to find something to write about. This website is simply a means for me to write everyday. Also, I was angery at Bush for some of the things he does and I wanted very much to call him names and denounce him as a credible political figure.

I should not make him an enemy though. He is not the enemy and I will no longer point fingers at him regardless of how much I disagree with him. The enemy is the apathy and ignorance we have shown as Americans. I recently saw a Buddhist monk who gave me some of his insight about the war. He said that when the twin towers fell, we had an oppertunity. We had an oppertunity to show the world that we are the country we said we were…and we missed it.
Violence only incites more violence and hate only brings more hate. In a world looking for prosperity and peace, it seems silly that violence and war is our chosen method for achieving it. - Knockemdown

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