Made in China

Well it seems that China has made AP news again. This time it has to do with military power rather than economic. The article is about new developments in Chinese weaponry and tactics. According to Reuters, China has developed weapons such as intercontinental missiles and is seeking out its first military outposts in the world. The article says that the missles and military defense being created are made to “go beyond Taiwan”. I mentioned a while ago that once Taiwan is invaded, there is no turning back. China is a powerhouse that has lots of room to grow and now there is a serious threat from other nations want to sell arms to China. Of course the House struck down a bill last month that said corporations cannot make products that might be construed as military weaponry. The reason was that corporations from America might get hurt by such a bill. Well I say the hell with corporate rights, the people of the USA are more important. It seems that our relationship with China is quickly spelling a downfall of the United States. It fails to make mainstream news though, hmmmmmm. Is change needed? Does anybody care? Who knows, all I know is that day after day, the majority of Americans are watching T.V. and being Zombified. We need to stand and fight but nobody moves. Perhaps China has to gain enough power to threaten the US. Then maybe we will be able to get back to the basics and fight togehter to take back our economy and our country. Well thats it for now, I gotta get going - Knockemdown

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