Ins. is not the future

This country is the greatest in the world but it has some major problems and thats why you should log on to and voice your discontents. Anyway, I recently found one problem because I was directly affected by it recently. It is the problem with health care in this country. You can’t get it without having gobs of dough to pay for insurance. But I had insurance, and upon making my recent claim, they have decided to cancel me. What the fuck? They came up with such a lame excuse for it too. But Im not gonna just cave in, Im gonna give it all I got untill the fight is useless. This experience has really made me think about all the millions of impoverished people that need medical attention and are defensless against the industry. Here we are as a nation fighting a war which is killing people and doing no real good. It has also not kept us any safer either given their ability to bomb London, yet we continue to pour Billions into it. That money could go to much better things like health care and education. We really need to stop it with the apethetic trend were on. Well, enough venting I gotta go - knockemdown.

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