CNOOC ltd. vs. Cheveron inc.

You may not be following the story in the news but I thought I might leave a trail in case you were inerested in the Chineese acquisition of Unocal Oil corporation

I must admit, Im a little scared. Like I mentioned in my blog “learn Chinese” this Chinese corporation is run and owned by a capitalist dictatorship government which has already aquired a large part of the American production market. As a result, this government has developed a large military, and has aquired nuclear power. I dont know why this deal is not being reported in the daily news or at least in the main sections of major news papers. The way I see it, this acuisition of a major US oil corporation is more of a threat to national security than Iraq ever was. Its not like Im not for opening markets, I am, but China is not opening its markets in a free environment. As a state run corporation, its direction is to be dictated just like that of the 1.8 Billion inhabitants of one of the largest countries in the world. I simply fear that selling off something so important to America is far too risky when it goes to a counrty against so many ideals of America and Democracy. How far will it go before America realizes that its time has come to be dethroned as the unipolar power of the world. Are we trying to develop another enemy? Could we possibly win another cold war against a nation like China? Keep reading! Knockemdown

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