Hello, Hello, Hello Fellow Americans and Worldly neihbors. I would like to invite all inhabitants of this Earth to visit the title of this blog entry. It is increasingly more common these days to take what the media and television tell people (particularly Americans) at face value. Is there another voice out there in the virtual universe? Is it possible to manifest a common ground among the masses? Project 1 is a prototype for the means of creating such an event. It asks you the question: “What is wrong with America, and the World” and “What can we do as inhabitants? I know this might sound as if the project is the work of some hippie community, however we are serious in obtaining your insight and opinions to create a paradime shift. The time to stand and be heard is now, if we remain silent and continue to follow the bidding of a marginal percentage of America and the world, the idea of freedom will come to mirror that of George Orwells Oceanian definition. So please, take action and find your place in the world at - Knockemdown

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