Learn Chinese

I was just reading about the latest corporate aquisition of Unical oil corporation and then about other Chinese investments. It seems that a Chinese government owned corporation called CNOOC has placed the largest bid on Unical. It offered 17.4 billion dollars which topped cheveron’s 16 billion dollar bid. Some are asking wether this is a threat to national security or not. Here we are sending troops and money to the tar pits of Iraq, and the larger more imminant threat continues to infiltrate our economy. Theres news of chinese corporations buying up major real estate in the US as well. This type of invasion has happened before with Japan and that was a little island with a stable and more open form of government and they wound up owning half of Manhattan. Now we face a much larger and faster growing China which is embarking on the same corse. The difference here is that China does not pretend to not be communist, or a competitor of the US. They are buying American corporations like Maytag and other manufacturing centered businesses and soon will be taking stake in financial instutions like Bank of America which has taken a 9% stock in a state bank in China. Soon we will see all kinds of finance companys from china here in the US. The speed at which that nation is growing has not caught the eye of America yet, due to the hypnotic effect of cheap goods. However this is our next real threat. China is sucking America’s economy and because it is beneficial to the top 2 percent of our population, the president and the media dont seem to want to cover it. Why, is this not bigger than whats happening in Hollywood? does it not cause at least a little concern? Why do we hear no action, no protest, when will someone ask “hey why are we selling our Country to the Chinese?” I dont know what the deal here is, but I still feel that America is wasting time and money and energy in Iraq when we have a much more serious threat banging at the back door. Knockemdown

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