Justice steps down

Today is a sad day for those of us that treasure civil liberties as we know them today. This morning Sandra Day O’ Connor stepped down from her position as one of the two modderates on the supreme court. Her decissions have been the determining factor in many rulings which protect our civil rights as citizens. There was no real reason for such an upset. She was not deathly ill or too old for her position. One reason submitted by the supreme court this morning was that she wanted to spend more time with her husband. In my opinion, that is a rude and selfish reason for leaving the court at such a critical time. As she walks away from her seat, justice Rehnquist has thyroid cancer and remains to sit as the Cheif Justice. How could she walk away knowing what kind of person will fill her place? With only a shakey agreement between the two parties to protect the filibuster, the minority party in the Senate, the nation, has little chance to put a level headed moderate back on the supreme court. If I was in Vegas, I’d bet that Roe V Wade will be overturned before the president’s term is out. One of the most likely candidates is Alberto Gonzales, a stonch conservative that would rival Antonin Scalia as a major Bush supporter. Gonzales has always supported W. Bush ever since his days as governer in Texas. Like Bush, Gonzales is a religious sympathizer and I would suspect that he will be one of those justices that will overule the Roe V Wade decision, while making life even harder for minorities. The chirch also stands to play a more prominant role in the government as a result of this new appointment. Unfortunately, that means America will be left behind in science and there is no hope for innovative technology like those found through stem cell research. Eventually Rehnquist will have to step down as well, and this might mean that Bush will appoint yet another justice. Keep your eye on J. Harvie Wilkinson, J. Michael Luttig, Michael McConnell, John Roberts, Samuel Alito and Emilio Garza. These might also be appointee candidates if the Senate is able to block Gonzales. If Bush is to elect a woman, it has been said that Edith Jones and Edith Brown out of California might be chosen. However Bush is not trying to gain public approval as a lame duck president and it might hurt his chances ruling decisions that trump equal rights. When it is all said and done I fear that the Republican party and the religious right will gain control of this country. Once a professor said to me that when a single party controls all three branches of our government, it becomes very close to a dictatorship. From that point I think the only barrier to be broken would be the limit on terms in office. The ammendment would have to be passed through congress, and aproved by both halfs in a two thirds vote before it goes to the states. Although this seems like a long and difficult process, the environment is perfect for the Republicans to push it through. The congress is dominated by the right 55 to 45 in the senate and they also make up the majority in the House. As far as the states go, between this new religious awakening, the terror instilled by Bush’s campagin for “security”, and the weak opposition, I dont think Bush will have a problem hurding his flock. Well I gotta get back to work, remember that activism is patriotism, act now! - Knockemdown

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