A journalist is not a terrorist

One of the ore prominent stories in the news lately concerns four reporters H. Josef Hebert of The Associated Press, The New York Times’ James Risen, Robert Drogin of the Los Angeles Times and Pierre Thomas, of ABC and formerly of CNN. The journalists are being held in contempt of court for not revealing sources that uncovered a Chinese nuclear spyby the name of Wen Ho Lee. I for one think that the journalists are to be commended for their efforts at retaining the last shread of integrity in media. These journalists should not be seen as terrorists simply because they do their job well. The secrecy of the occupation is one of the defining aspects to the feild. The Bush administration should stop hiring corporate sponsor nominees, and start filling those critical positions with qualified people. This incident shows two things. One is that the information known about threats to security has been comprimised and we are not safe dispite the numerous violations to civil libeties. The second is that the Bush administration may possibly be to blame for 911. If he is in his second term and does not suspect a Chinese neuclear physicist or even check him out, clearly he has done a marginal job at homeland security. The very fact that they are after these reporters shows that they had no idea about the incident, and the reporting staff is the only source of information. Lastly, I think it is pathetic that we send a space shuttle to the moon and spend billions on a war we cannot justify, yet we cant educate our youth to do these types of jobs. This should serve as a wake up call for legislators to better fund education and reform the administrations budget. However I fear it will continue to wash over us untill we sustain another hit.
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