A National Consensus

Yesterday I spoke with several people about our new project, Project #1. The project involves the input from all factions of people from all demographics as to the problems of the country. The idea is to comprise a list of 95 grievances that the American people have with this country and its government. To be perfectly honest, I thought that the idea might flop. Perhaps thats because I felt all supporters of GW were so strong due to an extreme faith in what he was doing. Yesterday however, revealed that there are several stonch Republicans that see needed changes to be made. Many talked about how the money spent on the war could have been spent on other things more important to Americans. One was a small business owner that usually makes a point of disagreing with whatever I say, yet he could not argue against the need for more small business oppertunities in this country, and less of a corporate controlled economy. As I spoke to several people about what they would like to change, I also found myself in a less radical stance. At one moment there was agreement between a group of mixed company on a moderate plan of changes. This excites me, and although it gives me the hope which will crush me in defeat, still this hope motivates me to continue. Perhaps most Americans not in the top Two percent will be able to agree on a list of problems and hold it up to judge our politicians with. All I know is that something must be done, something real needs to touch America and bring us together again, and war has failed even in that. We need a revolution, and a new dawn of brilliant America.
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