To Atlantic City and Back

well I finally made it back to Florida and I have to admit that I missed this hot muggy place. I arived in Atlantic City last Tuesday to find that there is a distinct contrast between the conception of the city and the city itself. The “strip” of casinos represents the expextations I had for the place. No limit holdem, blackjack, craps and the like. Yet once out of the ten block radius of the strip, youre in the middle of a ghetto reminiscent of the neighborhoods in gang flicks. One thing is constant though, most people are rude there. On one occasion my friend and I were in Nickys Beach Club just off the boardwalk. Upon a very early closing due to the 2am alcohol curfew, my friend and I left the place. He had a drink still in his hand when we were told that we could not leave with it and to leave it. So my friend tries to finnish it when it is snatched out of his hand as the glass reached his lips. The beach club employee tossed out the drink at my friends feet and sternly walked away as Mr. Machismo. My friend, half plastered, quickly said, “well I love you too” and threw his arms in the air. This statement incited the employee to turn back and attempt to provoke a fight. He handed off his walky talky like a prize fighter taking off his robe. “What did you say to me!” he shouted as he squared off with my friend. Quickly other employees began to sorround us and one or two proceeded to hold me back. The heated employee grabbed my friend and again asked him to repeat what he said. My friend replied ” I said I fucked your mother, what are you going to do?” The employee grabbed my friends arm right on top of a freshly made tattoo. The situation almost got out of hand untill I started asking my friend to back off because I didnt want to fight. In hindsight, I wish I got a little brused up, I could have really sued the new beach club. It would have been the largest win in Atlantic City. Anyway, that kind of attitude was the norm there. As the tattoo convention began we met lots of cool people from out of town, and we went to a local adult dancer club. It was not what one might think though. See, they sold alchol there so the dancers cant even take off their tops. However, if there is no alcohol, they can take it all off. So the girls stayed fully clothed (thongs) and danced around as we all drank beer. I must say that coming from Florida, it was weak. One girl came up to me turned around and smacked her but in front of me. I told her “nice ass”. She asked me for a tip by playing with a sleezy garter belt and I said “heres two bucks, now go away”. The next morning I got up and caught a flight home where I am glad to be. Well thats it, Ill be on my way to Miami this weekend and that should be nice. If theres anything this trip has done for me, its made me feel happy to be home. When I got back and saw my girl, it was pure bliss. Well on with my life, till next blog, take it easy - Knockemdown

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  1. Doug-E-Fresh Says:

    I hate that fuckin type. Thats why I hang out with Hiro, my softspoken chinamen. He kicks roider ass on the dilly!

  2. Says:

    We want more blogs! Your readers are getting restless, we demand more knockemdown blogs!

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