A Waste

I tried, really I did, but damn if I could’nt get even close to all my work done this weekend. Nice weather too, I mean it might have been worth the sacrifice if I got more done. But no, I’m still in the shit. Ya know? Well, theres always beer, that always makes things feel better, for a little while. Hey I got some time tomorrow, I’ll do it then, I can go have a pitcher and its all gonna be alright. Except I’m poor, porrer than the average homeless man! I’m in debt, a negative net worth, now thats worth-less. Oh well, life goes on, and if it all falls apart Ill take out as much cash as I can and go south to Costa Rica, its 434 colones to a buck! Now thats a deal. Do you ever feel like in a dream when you keep punching something but you cant get any force behind it. Thats how I feel today, weak, and in search of clarity. Hmmmm Beeeer, I’m broke, well maybe I have enough for a big single, ya know one of those 32 oz jobs. Ill just sit at home and listen to some James Brown, then Ill go and wake up Kelly and after that, go to sleep;…nice night! Peace - Knockemdown

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