I really must get my time table strait. I tried one of those daily organizers but it could not keep up with my rough lifestyle. Calenders and other software always entalied too much attention. You see, my problem is that I want to take advantage of all the offers given to me throughout life, but I also want to be a man of my word. So I wind up putting off all these things until I have time off of work and school. So now, I have no break and I must fulfill my obligations. I do it to myself though, its all on me.
Well Im almost done with my catalog, it will be nice when its done. Funny thing about accomplishment, it always seems trivial once the trials of it have passed. So anyway here I am trying to accomplish something but this blog has yet to do that. If I have a reader, could you please reply? That would be cool. Gotta go, - Knockemdwn

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