Big Deal

I got back from New York on Monday afternoon and here it is Thursday and I just now got around to entering my blog in. New York was great. I have to admit, I thought that the money I spent on the trip might have been a little wasteful, but I was relieved by the trip. It took all my stress away with all the new sorroundings and music and people. The weather was sweet too. Every time I go there I feel a unique sort of sensation, like calm water in between wave sets. I also took a bunch of pictures that have inspired me and my friends to sell photos as a source of funding for our little projects. Also, the day I got back, I bought a cool truck for only $800.00 and it runs great. Im constantly working on a catalog that I have to finnish by Monday and in a nut shell, thats my life.
So anyhow, heres the trip, its a great feeling to take a journey because thats what life itself is all about, its about getting out of a routine, taking a chance at triumph and laughing at failure. I keep thinking, “what do I get to enjoy as a result of having a good time, now that the time is passed? The answer is the light, the opening of senses and the shock of something new. Its like the Hobbit, here is a guy who does nothing unexpected, and when Gandalf visits, he brings adventure to the stale life of Bilbo. Bilbo rejects it though, he feels like this is all a big intrusion. Gandalf knows better though, he looks at Bilbos reactions and laughs as he explains that the hobbit “gets funny queer fits, but he’s one of the best, one of the best, fierce as a draggon in a pinch”. But the journey and all of its enjoyment and all of the sadness and all the other emotions that exist between those, are what make life what it is. Experience life, enguage in it, forget about pretending, dont go to Disney, expand your life through real experience. As Ralph Waldo Emmerson wrote: Any man who is anything, holds nothing sacred, except the integrity of the mind. Enjoy life in all of its happiness, sadness, triumph, failure, extacy and misery. Till next time - Knockemdown

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