Head Pound

Last night was a blast. There was lots of drinking all around the lower East side of NYC and we had some great pizza too. Of course, that doesent matter now, all that matters is that this hang over goes away as fast as possible. My head is on the pound and it deamands all my attention. I can do nothing else other than endure the pain. But this is just the begining, it is only the first day into the trip, theres still three more days of unadulterated partying that I have yet to enjoy. Yesterday was a full day though, my sister and I went to the Gugenheim and the Natural History Museum. Both of these places offered a unique array of photographable specters. I should like to see the sights I saw showing serious shit in the city. Today I shall enter the realm of the bar band. Im gonna really get down to art here, ya know the brass tax and the facts about music. Its great, and I cant wait, its just my fucking pounding head thats stoppin this steam roller from runing over this town. Oh Advil, faithfull little pill, how I long for you. I shall seek you out and we shall become one, I will consume you! I wasnt as think as you drunk I am but I was passed out and now Im pounding. Oh boy, what a night, lots of fun, the weather is nice and cool too, I like that. I like a jacket every now and again. Its nice to bundle up and have a smoke, for a little while anyway, four days is cool, but you can take it after that. Till tomorrow when I shall write about today- Knockemdown

Here is an update: The day started out with a bit of an enormous headache but soon the sun came out and the weather warmed up and the day was sweet. We ate a nice breakfast around lunch time and enjoyed some fine company. As everyone nursed away the pains of the previous night with mimosas and bloody marrys, our crew of misfits spoke of philosophy and trends, the beauty of the day and other unrelated events. Mothers day was upon us and so, in an attempt to fulfill our duty as children, my sister and I made a project out of creating the perfect gift for our mother. It all took place in the dog park, at around 2pm. The dogs were restless and there was a sense of peace in the cool, crisp air. After some picture taking and people meeting, the group split and my sister and I retired the rest of the daylight enjoying coffee and apple pie while viewing pictures in negative space and being waited on by the busty young devochka. The sun set and we geared up for yet another day of wicked drinks in harmony with the city through the sound of music. The T shirt says it all. - Knockemdown

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