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So thats it, I guess thats the whole story. Sorry if I couldnt be more direct about it. Hey, it happens to us all. I remember when I was in nineth grade on the day of the SAT, I was sitting in my chair when I felt this bubbling sensation. It was like a ball of air pressing its way down my stomach in search of escape. As the teacher passed out the test I knew that the cloud of death would soon be unleashed; and there was little chance that I could avoid being caught while taking the test. I had to act fast, so I pretended to drop my pencil and leaned forward so as to minimize reverberation off the seat. But just then, the bubble stopped. My release window had passed, and so I had to sit back down.
As the class became quiet I began to bubble in all the letters in the heading of the scantron sheet. I waited for it and waited for it, but the bubble failed to reoccur. I began to focus my attention on the test and answered a few questions. Still no bubble. As I continued on, my concentration became intensely focused on the test. I was soon on a roll, answering the questions with full confidense and just flying down the answer sheet. Then came a hard question, and I stopped to think but I couldnt figure out the answer. I had just come off this long roll of knowing all he answers so surly I could stop and think about this one. So I did, but the answer never came. I felt like time was flying by and I was quickly loosing my lead. The silence was stinging my ears as I thought about the question, I was not skipping it, I was mister know it all. The answer was on the tip of my tongue and as I really really thought hard all of a sudden the bubble came back. It was racing down with incredible force larger than ever, when before I could gain control: PFFFFFFAAAAAAAARRRRRRTTTTTT…tttt.
It produced a rancid smell and the hysterical laughter from the class quickly turned into the sounds of agonizing misery. It was like somone had dropped a whole can of ass and spread it around the room. Anyway the teacher beacame fed up and put me outside. But it was all for the best. Nobody wanted me in there anyway and I got to do my SAT in the fresh air. So you see, it will all work out in the end.
Don’t worry, getting fired is not the end of the world, just your job.

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