Another Sunday

Its a gloomy day ouside. The wether is wet an the temp is hot and muggy, but its a nice day for me. The release after all the worry and stress from school was nice today. I have completed most of my obligations and I slept till noon. The day just feels better when you greet it after sleeping all you want. Of all the days to have free though, I mean there were several beautiful days that I was not able to enjoy because of responsibilities, and now that I am free, I dont want to go outside. Well at least I get to go to New York next week. Hopefully the wether will be dry and cool. However I shall expect nothing so as to not ever be disapointed.
Over the next few days I look forward to doing the things that I just have had no time for. I want to read a few books, study German, and practice for the LSAT exam which I have to take very soon. Other than that, Im going to work on getting work done. Well, thats life, the comings and goings of work, obligations and people. Id better drag my ass out of the house now so thats it. Sorry if my recent blogs were anti-climatic - Knockemdown

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