The Crunch

Today has been trying. I lost an hours worth of work due to a power outage, and because I was so mad, decided to punch a door. The door was stronger and now I have a bruise on my hand that reminds me how stupid I was at every key stroke. Now that I have finally completed my work, I have to begin finishing up my school work. I have a conclusion to write, and dont know what Im going to say. And I have to go over another paper due tomorrow. Its almost over though. I have a summer semester of non-stop German fun to look forward to now. I cant wait. Well I have to get back to work and continue in the struggle. I saw a funny bumper sticker today that I shall share as my closing remark. The sticker was a picture of a bug squashed on a windsheild. The caption read: sometimes youre the windsheild, sometimes youre the bug. I dont know, I thought it was funny do you? Have a good one, -Knockemdown

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