Faith in war?

I was just reading todays article in the New York Times about the lack of armor, moral and men in the “fight for freedom and democracy”. My thought is this, how do you use war to persue freedom for the country you are fighting? Is this really a war or just the pursueance of self interest of political elites? Those who support the war seem to feel that buying these magnetic peace ribbons shows their support of the troops. This is the biggest bullshit I have ever seen. I doubt that these ribbon wearers actually care about peace since they support war. They think that the money spent on these things is helping the troops, but troops continue to die for lack of armor as they are reduced to holding up heavier doors and scrap metal for protection. If one is to support the troops, bring them home and get rid of the totalitarian Dick and his Bush who have failed their countrymen while filling their pockets. I really dont know what to think of the world anymore, I wonder if that is why so many turn to religion. The promise of a better place is always uplifting and faith is easy to muster for it. Faith, however, seems to be the reason for most of the worlds problems. From pollution to war, most people think that everything is going to come out ok if they keep the faith. That somehow this faith is going to pay off and that by keeping it they make a difference. A movement of truth is needed to bringthe world back to reality yet it seems that America is too fat and lazy to get off the couch. The only way to make a peace movement effective is to make something popular and sexy. Theres nothing sexy about peace I suppose, but I think it more enjoyable than war. Got to go to class, peace - Knockemdown

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