OK, If any of you people out there are in any type of school then listen up. Today, and for almost the whole semester, I have advocated less questions per test and more points per question. In the case that I currently deal with, we are going to have a 3 chapter, 100 question test. So thats 33 questions for each of the first two chapters and 34 for the last one. The point is, if one studies, the 50 question test would give far greater chances to do well because the test will cover the material more lightly. The 100 questions that we currently deal with allows for more intricate questions to be asked and thus the test is more difficult. However, nobody was willing to change. Even after the first test where people did poorly, they still refused to change. I think its because at least they know what to expect on the test, and the unknown is too scarry for them. This is the same reason why the elites have 90 percent of the wealth and the rest of society could care less. They always want to keep things the way they are no matter what happens at the top. Well I addressed the professor and the class, I made my point and so theres nothing more I can do. Really, I will study and do well on the test. For all those other saps, I hope they all fail because they all have term papers and shit this time of the semester.
As for me, I am almost finished with all the writing for the semester. I still may make more contributions to my works, but the bulk is complete.

Now let me tell you about this guy I met in the computer lab. He looked about 55 and wore a polo shirt and dockers style pants. He had shoes, no socks, and a worn leather breifcase. As I began to place all of my thesis reading on the table, he says, “ordering in?” I laughed and told him I was beginning my bibliography. But then he kept talking to me, he wanted to know how much I benched and started talking about the technique involved in benching. I humor people for some reason and so I spoke to him for a while. He told me that he was an attorney and was full of advice about life and dealing with people. Then came the comments about how I was destined for greatness and all as he frequently commented on my youth. “You have so much time” he’d say and when I told him that I wanted to be an attorney he smiled. The man began to say that attorneys are not smart, they just are able to think a certian way, I f you can get that, its easy. Then he asked me if there was anything else Id like to do if I was not to be an attorney. So I did the rundown of the double movement and my friend and I creating a measure of it, and his reply was “not enough money in it, is there? No, I said, thats a big motivating factor for me, Im a realist. He seemed to know alittle about being an attorney, about how law school was and how different kinds of practices are. I was a little impressed about how moddest he looked though, I at least figured a lawyer would look sharp. So I asked the obvious question: what are you doing here at college. “Im in the doctorate program in Philosophy ” he replied, and for me, I cared little about whether or not he was a quack. I just wanted to beleive for a second that here was a man seeking wisdom, and saw a little in me. One of his comments was not to sell yourself short, being modest and humble is good, but theres nothing wrong with a little self promotion, just be passionate.

Passion, now this is something that all advisors in my life advocate. Perhaps its because everyone hates their life, but they all condone seeking it. I suppose that is the only drive strong enough to get you where you want to go. Well I do have passion, and Im passionate about learning. So do I go and be a learner? That sounds good to me. Till next time - Knockemdown

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