The Wrong way

Oh I dont know what the hell to do. Am I wrong? Perhaps. I just dont want to be like everyone else in my situation. I dont want to go with the flow and Im sorry if it makes people mad. I feel like the Cat in the Hat. Well if Im bothered by my own attitude its my own fault. I brought this all on myself. I choose to act the way I do, but am I then causing interruption in the lives of individuals, I think not, life is life and if they encounter me they will have to deal with me. I feel like I let people down though. I dont think that I live up to the expectations of people. And nobody can say that they dont have expectations because everyone does. There is no such thing as an excuse though, things happen and I just cant help myself sometimes. People often say to me “you could put it in a better way” but no, I have to speak my mind. I think people hate that, they want revenge for it. If I were them, I would too, I mean, that shit hurts. I dont know, really Im lost, I have no idea how people feel or what they think, I only have perception. Errrr. ignore this, Im all wrong I know nothing I’m ignoramus, wahahahaha!!! Geeze I dont know why I want the world to read my stupid thoughts. At least you know what I think, wrongly.

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