Well today is the national call in against CAFTA day, and I thought it appropriate to tell all about it. CAFTA is the Central American Free Trade Agreement, it involves all of central America and the Dominican Republic. The agreement allows for 80 percent of American products and 50 percent of American farm crops to the region tarrif free immidiately and the remainder of all the tariffs will be lifted within fifteen years. It also gives American corporations full access to the telecommunications, electronics, and multimedia industry. So why is this bad?
It gives America full access to central America while maintaining the majority of its tariffs on imports. It also keeps its 19 billion dollar a year farm subsidy, which enables it to lower the costs of produce to undercut the local central American farmers. If anyone wants to look at how this will effect the nation, look at NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) that has had dramatically adverse affects on Mexico ie. a Wallmart that has cut out local business, and built a store in front of the ancient ruins of native Mexican civilization because it was a tourist destination. Also, under both agreements, there are rules of origin, meaning that they cannot make goods from products that are outside the agreements. Thus, any country who wants to make a product must do so from a country that is essentially controled by American corporations or American markets.
These Free Trade agreements are anything but free, they constrain the ability for nations to profit off of their low prices and own industry. The way America has structured the agreements has allowed America to become the worlds entrepot. Dont let the demagogs take advantage of the world any more, if this goes through there will be even larger agreements that will cause greater corporate control in the world. If the US wants to liberalize its economy allong with the other countries, fine, but this way will just create more of a hegemonic and eventually despotic global dominance.

Please organize against CAFTA, it only benefits the rich corporations, not the small USA farmer or the local central American farmer. Call your congress woman, congress man, at 1-888-355-3588

If you have never done this, then now is a good time to start, you will find it easy and you only need your Zip code. Just tell them you are against CAFTA. This practice can be useful if the individuals band together and fight!

Participate in your life, make your own decisions. “Fight like a brave, dont be a slave, no one can tell you, you have to be afraid”- Red Hot Chilli Pepers

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