Well good morning, I am here at school about to embark on another wounderful day of class lectures and term paper writing. However before I do that, I thought I should share some thought. First, Terry Schivo or however you spell it, is constantly in the news. I don’t know how coherent she is or if she really wants to live, but I do know that there are more humane ways to kill someone than by starvation and dehydration. Thimothy Mc Veigh was put down with more compassion. I sometimes think that she is just a prop being used to illustrate a point of view ratner than a cause. If they re-insert the tube, the process will have been for nothing, if they do not she will die onef of the worst deaths known to man. Its fucked I tell you, fucked.
On another note, the microfinance world is getting larger than Chris and I ever knew. There we were marveling in an idea that materialized two decades before. There are evermore microfinance instutions poping up everyday as we look for them. Writing my paper is one hell of a task. However, it is taking a little shape, and that aint bad. Well there is my thought and its on with the day for me, see ya - knockemdownbra

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