Thought Training

Hello there! Wow, lots of dust in here. Well it’s been a while…again. But, like an old friend, this site is here for me to randomly and haphazardly regurgitate what comes to my mind at any particular moment. I’m in law school. Unlike the hell many make it out to be, it’s been quite a nice change from my monotonous job and everyday life. I’m a student again. Something about working at some passionless routine that makes me go nuts. Now that I’m back in school though, things are different. I’m exposed to new horizons and exploring new terrain in my mind. It’s kind of like finding treasures in your attic. They were always there, but in the right light, they take on a whole new meaning. You know? No? That’s OK, no biggie. To be frank, I have only been here a few weeks and there’s still lots to do and learn. But I’m excited about it all. Well, off again to bed. In the morning, Ill put more rules and laws to break apart in my head. - knockemdown

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