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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

Well good morning, I am here at school about to embark on another wounderful day of class lectures and term paper writing. However before I do that, I thought I should share some thought. First, Terry Schivo or however you spell it, is constantly in the news. I don’t know how coherent she is or […]

Getting on

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005

Well I have but one midterm left and a fifty page paper to write, then finals. Its ok though, I got most the work on two term papers done so I have some time to develop the main one. The thesis is still that NGO’s are better equiped to provide public goods than state run […]


Saturday, March 19th, 2005

Here I am! I find it hard to get into work when its work. If you can refrain from calling it work then Ill think its fun and do it for the pleasure of the achievment. Because of time and deadlines, the guilt for and anxiety I get while doing the work kills me. Anyway […]


Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

I was reading a little Noam Chomski (I think thats how you spell it) the other day, and he struck a notion that we are as Alexander Hamelton refered to the general public “a great beast”. He talkes about how other more barbaric regimes are considered to be evil, yet as a more “democratic” society, […]

A little Nuts

Saturday, March 12th, 2005

Life is a constant stream of little events that only become complicated in our own attempt to obtain simplicity. The stream becomes turbulent at moments and forms whirlpools of flowing atoms. Each whirlpool is distinguishable from the next but all are made of the same stuff. Perhaps there is no single answer, just a sense […]

current perspectives

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

I was doing some research on NAFTA when something occured to me. These trade agreements are rather restricting when it comes to their aplicability (if thats a word). For instance, NAFTA regulates the products that come into American markets through their rules of origin. If Mexico cannot use sugar that was imported from vietnam to […]

The double Movement

Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

There was a therory discussed last night that put forth the proposition, that Globalization is a contradictory process wherin there is a double movement. One movement is the force of Centralization (more economic control within the state) and on the other, Fragmentation into independent entities. The theory was developed by Karl Polonyi who discribed the […]

A Waste

Monday, March 7th, 2005

I tried, really I did, but damn if I could’nt get even close to all my work done this weekend. Nice weather too, I mean it might have been worth the sacrifice if I got more done. But no, I’m still in the shit. Ya know? Well, theres always beer, that always makes things feel […]

My first blog

Sunday, March 6th, 2005

Help Im ablog. Its really cool being a blog, sitting around like a bugger on a window. Im embarassed to write this blog. Its like theres all those people out there looking in on my thought, yah ok sure. I know nobody is going to show up. Well Fuck You then. No, no,not you, youre […]